2011 Artists

The line up for this year’s Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival on 19 November at the Birchcliffe Centre is an impressive one. Headliners Chumbawamba will follow a unique coll;abopratioon of the town’s folk aristocracy when local residents Steve Tilston and Becky Unthank perform together as part of Steve’s set. This is a one off collaboration between two performers of different generations – and as they are both busy performing they may not get the time to do this again

Supporting youth into music – Free tickets for teenagers

If you’ve bought tickets for two adults and want to bring a 14-18 year old along for free get in touch. There are 30 free teenager tickets available. ON buying tickets you should receive a code – let us have that when applying for your teenage ticket

Folk Against Fascism

Folk Against Fascism was formed because many in the folk community wanted to say that you can be proud of England’s music, traditions and customs without being a bigot or a racist. We also wanted to keep folk free from the taint of right-wing extremism. Hebden Bridge Folk Roots is a supporter or Folk Against fascism


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