photo copyright Casey Orr

When Chumbawamba got rid of their drum kit and heavy electric gear to experiment with a more acoustic sound the response couldn`t have been more positive. Not only have the followers of their full blown electric days been won over to it, but also folk audiences have come to love it in great numbers. The band`s discovery of the sheer power of the human voice and the beauty of harmony singing has proved to be of huge value to its members and followers.

The smoother sound of the band does not reflect a shift of their politics however. Fans can order a copy of a pre-recorded EP “In Memorium – Margaret Thatcher` to be released on the day the ex PM waves a final farewell!

“They knocked me sideways with delight! They were excellent! They played acoustic and their songs…well…talk about getting straight to the point, seeing right through everything and knowing what’s important in life.”